Would you like your evenings and weekends back?
Would you like to reduce your stress levels?
Wouldn’t it be great if you had more time to focus on what you’re really good at?

Take away the stress, and save yourself time and money.  Talk to the tax experts at Total Tax Solutions.

Principal chartered accountant Daydreanne Anderson is a member of the Chartered Accountants – Australia + New Zealand, and has more than 11 years experience working for clients in a wide variety of industry sectors.  Originally from the New Forest in England, Daydreanne has a genuine understanding of how confusing it can be to move from one country’s taxation system to another.  So, especially if you’ve emigrated here from the UK, you can be sure of her professional guidance, because she’s been there, done that!

Total Tax Solutions services include:

  • Taxation advice and planning, including business structuring
  • IR returns and compliance work including INC, GST and FBT
  • Financing proposals, including budgeting, cash flows and projections
  • Managing IR debt repayment negotiations
  • Property rental both in New Zealand and overseas
  • Accounting software conversions, we prefer Xero
  • Managing IR debt repayment negotiations
  • Refund processing service for salary and wage earners and those entering or leaving New Zealand

How to start a company checklist

  1. Get a Great Accountant – look no further
  2. Choose company name
  3. Set up company
  4. Register for (GST if required) if you don’t know refer to point 1
  5. Open separate business Bank Account

100% New Zealand Owned and Operated

Total Tax Solutions is registered as 100% New Zealand owned and operated! Thanks for supporting us – you’re helping New Zealand grow!